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Threesome MFM (Male-ME-Male)

Friday, January 13th, 2017

When your parents taught you to share, did you wonder if one day that might extend to your woman? I’ve no doubt this fills some men with dread. Letting another man experience pleasure at the hands of your very own squeeze might be more unimaginable than lending your coveted convertible to your decidedly unworthy neighbor. But stop for a moment and try, if you will, to cast your jealous tendencies to one side – and imagine how exhilarating it could be to watch someone else “test-drive” your woman. Warning: serious objectification of men and women follows…

There are many men who already “get” this fantasy. Some of them, I know for a fact, will be reading. They understand the appeal. You have a beautiful woman and you like to show her off. So why not go all out and give her both the chance to feel  adored and lusted after by two men (for the woman an MFM or Male-Female-Male ménage à trios is like being in heaven) and get the thrill of a lifetime as you watch her perform in all her glory from a wholly different perspective.

From a male point of view, it allows you to show off and give another man a taste of what he can’t have every night (even if she doesn’t quite behave like a slut every night). From a female point of view, we might let you think we’re doing all this for you and your ego, but you’re forgetting about ours. In the same way that men would die to be pleasured from every angle by two hot women, we simply adore being the centre of sexual attention – and the more attention this involves, the better.

In order to keep her sweet, there’ll need to be kissing aplenty; she won’t appreciate a re-enactment of something you downloaded. What I’m talking about is a threesome of taste and consideration. Seduce her. Worship her. Tell her she’s beautiful. The first time I sat between two incredibly good-looking, well-dressed men and they began greedily kissing my neck, stroking my thighs and cupping my breasts, I went into a sensory overload that nearly caused me to black out. It’s that intense.

My only complaint is that the foreplay didn’t last long enough and it went from sexually charged high-fashion ad to “let’s all get naked” porno-style far too quickly for my liking. Having said that, the stark reality of being naked in front of your partner and someone else, as that someone else does things to you that cause you to gasp, while your partner gets harder by the second, is a turn on in a league of its very own. From the third person’s point of view, he’s likely to be pretty in awe of you both. You’re man enough to let her play, she’s experimental and confident enough to do it. I believe the whole experience, from start to finish, will surprise even the most doubtful.

It’s not a game for men lacking in self-esteem. The dangers are obvious – will she like him more than you? Will he have a bigger cock than you? Will he last longer? What if you can’t get wood or even worse, you come too soon? The usual pressures of performing are doubled when there are more watchful eyes in the room – competitive male eyes at that. Which leads me on to my next point – finding the right candidate. What you don’t want is to be spending the whole time comparing yourself, favorably or otherwise, to this person.


Seeking advice from mature couples.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

My guy wants me to take part in a MFM threesome. He wants to watch and then participate. My question is, “Will this hurt or help our relationship?”

Love to please

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Count me in at the next Saturday night event.


Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Just to let you know I love your little blog icon. Is there a way for me to meet with you in person?